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Landscape : Ying-Qi Bridge & Waterfall steps

Ying-Qi Bridge & Waterfall steps

Welcome to the Ying-Qi Bridge. If you look at its shape, it's like a dragon flying in the sky. This bridge is here to welcome those who are connected with Buddha and guide them on their path to enlightenment. It symbolizes the start of gaining wisdom and cultivation.

The First Floor: Longhua Hall (Gathering Hall)

Covering an area of 3500 square meters and able to accommodate 1500 people, the stage is flanked by bas-reliefs of Maitreya Buddha, and the spacious hall is as majestic as the Dragon Flower Assembly. The shadow on the back wall resembles a cultivator modestly making a salutatory gesture, demonstrating a gentle and cultured etiquette.

The First Floor: International conference hall

There are 325 seats. The space design is like a dense forest, symbolizing the spirit of cultivating people for centuries. There are eight translation rooms, which can translate into eight languages ​​simultaneously. They are well-equipped and have multiple functions. They can be used as lecture halls, conference halls or concert halls, suitable for holding events. Dharma meetings, Taoist academic seminars or small concerts.

Children’s Library.(The First Floor)

Covering an area of 230 square meters, inheriting and passing down the traditional cultural spirit of filial piety and brotherly respect, and promoting education of gratitude towards parents. The interior is adorned with colorful bookshelves, exuding innocent childlike fun, and a simple, warm environment, creating an atmosphere for parent-child co-learning.

An-dong Lineage Museum.(Second Floor)

Spanning an approximate area of 250 square meters, this space exhibits cultural and historical materials from the Andong Tao Society, elucidating the painstaking journey of sages throughout history who pioneered and propagated the path. Statues of the Three Saints of Baiyang and four venerable predecessors of Andong Tao Society stand as objects of reminiscence and homage. The Andong Family Precepts, which highlight Filial Piety, Brotherly Respect, Kindness, Sincerity, Reverence, and Trust, are passed down through generations and carry profound significance in remembering one’s roots.

Second Floor: An-dong Cultural Hall

Covering an approximate area of 250 square meters, the Andong Culture Hall is divided into three exhibition halls:

1. The Emperor Houde’s Study Room, which displays significant

artifacts from the venerable elders of the past.

2. The Zen Room, in memory and continuation of Emperor

Houde's 'Three Treasures Heart Method.'

3. The Tea Area, providing visitors a place to rest and take a


Main Hall. (Third Floor)

Spanning an approximate area of 1000 square meters, the design of the Main Hall is a circular sanctuary, with an indoor width of 36 meters and a central height of 17 meters. The Main Lamp is situated centrally, standing at a height of 235 cm, and upon lighting, it gently rises to 430 cm. Eight Vajra Guardians surround and protect from all sides, while in the sanctuary dome, a Golden Lotus at the celestial center dangles a gold line, connecting the human realm to the heavens. 9600 lamps of Maitreya's merciful light create a glorious spectacle, resembling a sky full of stars, symbolizing the return of 96 origin spirits to the mother's embrace. Each lamp of Maitreya’s merciful light belongs to everyone’s eternal luminance.


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